How to know if a picture frame is level?

How to know if a picture frame is level?

Ensuring that a picture frame is level is important for a professional and aesthetically pleasing display. Here's how to know if a picture frame is level:

Tools You'll Need:

  • A bubble level (also known as a spirit level)
  • A pencil or painter's tape (optional)



  1. Select a Bubble Level: Obtain a bubble level, which is a tool designed to help you determine if an object is level (horizontally) or plumb (vertically).
  2. Prepare the Frame: Ensure that the picture frame is empty or that the artwork/photo inside is securely attached, as you want to measure the frame itself.
  3. Place the Level on the Frame: Position the bubble level horizontally on the top edge of the frame. Place it in the center or where you want the frame to be level.
  4. Check the Bubble: Look at the bubble inside the level's tube. It should be centered between the two lines or marks. If it's off-center in any direction, the frame is not level.
  5. Adjust as Needed: If the bubble is not centered, you'll need to adjust the frame's position. Here are some options:
    -If the frame is hanging on a wall, adjust the positioning of the wall mount or hook until the bubble is centered.
    -If the frame is on a tabletop or shelf, use shims or small, flat objects under one side of the frame to raise or lower it until the bubble is centered.
    -Alternatively, you can use a pencil or painter's tape to mark the correct position on the wall or shelf and then adjust the frame to align with the mark.
  6. Recheck and Fine-Tune: After making adjustments, recheck the bubble level to ensure it's centered. Make any additional fine-tuning adjustments as needed.
  7. Confirm Plumb (Vertical Level): If you want to ensure that the frame is also plumb (vertically level), you can repeat the process by placing the level vertically on one side of the frame.
  8. Secure the Frame: Once the frame is level and plumb, secure it in place. For wall-mounted frames, make sure any wall anchors or screws are tightened securely.

By following these steps and using a bubble level, you can easily determine if a picture frame is level and make any necessary adjustments for a straight and well-aligned display.

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