Our Materials

  • The Mouldings

All our mouldings are crafted from solid wood. Many styles feature beautiful wood grains with high-quality finishes, but all are strong and sturdy! We won’t use any imitation wood or polystyrene options in our inventory. 

  • The Matting

Our matboards are 4-ply or 8-ply thick and acid-free cotton papers available in various colors. Customization options include single, double or triple mat styles and textures, such as suede, basketball and football. 

  • The Backing

The backing of our picture frames includes a 3/16” thick acid-free white foam core board to help keep your artwork in place. 

  • The Facing or Glazing

Our picture frames and shadow boxes feature lightweight, shatter-resistant acrylic instead of glass. Our acrylic contains UV protective properties, helping preserve and protect your photographs and artwork from light damage.

  • The Packaging

We take pride in our high-quality handmade frames and the packaging process used to ship them. We engineered and manufactured our own shipping boxes to minimize any damage in transport to your home. We manufacture these boxes from sustainably sourced materials.