What are floating picture frames?

What are floating picture frames?

Floating picture frames, also known as float frames or floater frames, are a style of framing that gives the illusion that the artwork or photograph is "floating" within the frame. Unlike traditional frames that encase the artwork with a border, float frames create a contemporary and minimalist look by allowing the edges of the artwork to remain visible. Here are the key features and characteristics of floating picture frames:

1. Visible Edges: The defining feature of a float frame is that the edges of the artwork or canvas are visible. This means that you can see the entire perimeter of the artwork, including the sides.

2. Spacers or Recessed Area: To achieve the floating effect, the artwork is typically set within a recessed area or with the help of spacers. This creates a small gap between the artwork and the frame, giving the appearance of floating.

3. Contemporary Design: Float frames are known for their modern and contemporary design. They are often used to frame canvas prints, modern artwork, and photographs, especially those with gallery-wrapped edges.

4. Various Materials: Floating frames are available in various materials, including wood, metal, and acrylic. These materials can be chosen to complement the style of the artwork or the decor of the room.

5. Custom Sizing: Like traditional frames, float frames can be custom-sized to fit the dimensions of your artwork or canvas. This ensures a snug and precise fit.

6. Versatile Mounting: Float frames can be hung on the wall or placed on a tabletop or shelf. They offer versatility in how you choose to display your artwork.

7. Protective Finish: Float frames often have a protective finish, such as UV-protective glazing, to safeguard the artwork from dust, moisture, and UV radiation.

8. Enhanced Presentation: The floating effect adds a unique and stylish touch to the presentation of artwork. It draws attention to the artwork itself and can be particularly striking with gallery-wrapped canvas prints.

Floating picture frames are a popular choice for artists and photographers seeking a contemporary and sleek way to display their work. They offer a visually appealing presentation that highlights the artwork while adding a touch of modern elegance to any space.

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